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We thought you might like to learn more about us and how we got started raising Soft Coated Wheatens.

A Wheaten Terrier came into my life at one of the most difficult and darkest times of my life. I had recently lost both of my beloved parents to lingering illness; I had ended a long career in politics as an elected official in a large county in northern California, by being brutally assaulted at gunpoint in my darkened garage, by a deranged member of a militia group. After torment of the subsequent trial of nine defendants, and the storm of national publicity, I found myself empty, alone, traumatized and depressed. My faith and the love of family, friends, and God were the only things that kept me going.

I felt I needed a companion and personal protection dog. My parents were breeders of Rotweillers at one time, so I called a lady I thought might be able to helm me find a Rotweiller puppy. The lady told me she had a litter of puppies, but they were not Rotweillers, they were… Wheaten Terriers. I decided I’d just go “look” at this litter but probably would not buy one. This decision changed my life forever!

mollySeven of the most adorable puppies I had ever seen. I sat down on the ground with them and they all went to huddle together in a corner, except one little bundle of brown fur with a black nose. He ambled right toward me with his little tail going at machine gun pace and I knew I had found my “protection” dog, four pounds of pure love on four paws… and “he chose me!”

He looked just like a little bear, so I named him, “Kodiak.” My little tail-wagger was to teach me how to love life again. And what an intelligent puppy. He was the star of his puppy training class and potty training was a breeze! I was lonely no more for he followed me everywhere and he loved being on my lap or curled up at my feet. Pure love and devotion, he was a friend when I needed one most. My little sweetie Wheatie was not my “whole life,” but as the saying goes, he made my life whole again. A light was shining in my life, and it was soft and silky and the color of a beautiful field of wheat blowing in the wind!

It’s amazing what changes God may have ahead for us in life when we least expect it. My daughter-in-law was working with a dentist that she thought was a great guy, so I met him for a cup of coffee one cold December evening. We talked for hours, and a few days later, when George came over to meet Kodiak, that little wheat colored tail was going like crazy. Kodi was letting me know that this guy was ok.

George and I were married and the three of us were a family. Things didn’t seem quite complete, so soon Molly, our little female Wheaten joined our life. Kodiak taught Molly all about being a good Wheaten Terrier. Being cute, loving and devoted just came natural, but Kodi taught her to announce visitors, how to attack vacuum cleaners, bark at trash trucks, how to ride in a car with your head out the window (wearing doggles) and how to sleep on your back with your paws up in the air.  A few years later, both Kodiak and Molly passed away and it broke our hearts. After a time, our hearts began to mend; our spirits lifted and we wanted to add to our family.  We are certain that when we get to be with the Lord in Heaven, the first ones to greet us will be our dogs (or we hope so).

After careful searching, we added a puppy, Rosie (or Rose of Tralee, her AKC name) coming from Canada.  Rosie was a “star” and we love her so.  We then added a male puppy, Alons-Y! (that’s French for “let’s go); we call him Al.  Al has risen in the AKC arena to be one of the few top show dogs in the U.S.  We’ve had a lot of fun showing AL.  We’ve also added a little female, Legacy Kalohe Summer Wind (we call her Frankie).  Both Al and Frankie are Grand Champion dogs in the AKC; not an easy title to achieve.  All three of our dogs are healthy and have passed all health tests required for them. At home, they’ve taught each other how to attack a vacuum cleaner and announce visit visitors (we call it a “wheaten greetin”)

George and I enjoy Rosie’s puppies It’s a joy to watch them discover things like the sun, wind, grass and flowers and everything new. They learn to play and socialize with one another, but most importantly, they learn to love and trust their human “mom and dad”. They learn to love being held, hugged, stroked and talked to. They discover the joy and comfort of belonging to a human family! When it comes time to place them with their new families, we hated to see our “Grand-dogs” leave! Of course, AL and Rosie help make sure there is no empty spot.

Our Wheatens add so much to our lives. They love to wrestle with our grandson Austin and play ball or go into the wading pool with our other grandson, Ryan.

We have shared moments with them running in the surf at Carmel, walking in the silence of the Redwoods and running/leaping with sheer joy on deserted beaches in Oregon. The best of all is just times spent lying next to us or at our feet just being our companions.

George has retired after 35 years in the dentistry and we have decided to devote our time to Wheaten Terriers. We are committing ourselves to bettering this breed and to helping other individuals and families to know and enjoy the wonderful gift that Wheatens bring to life.

On behalf of the Davis Wheatens (known in our hearts as Kodiak Kennels), AL, Frankie, and Rosie invite you to become part of the Wonderful World of Wheatens.