We have worked so hard over the years to not only spread the love that we have for the Wheaten Terrier breed, but to do our part to improve the breed and raise puppies from champion bloodlines. Two of our breeding dogs have been very successful as Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier show dogs over the years, and we expect to see the same success and quality traits they hold reflected in their pups!

PitterPat Allons-Y! | AKC Gold Grand Champion

Wheaten Terrier Champions for SalePitterPat Allons-Y!, who we lovingly refer to as “Al” is a star in our eyes and has become quite famous in Wheaten Terrier show dog competitions! Named among the Top Twenty Wheaten Terriers in Conformation and earning the title of AKC Gold Grand Champion, Allons-Y! is considered to be an excellent example of breed standard. With a square outline, good structure, level topline and tight feet, it’s no wonder our boy has managed to earn such recognition. All of this paired with his soft, wheat-colored coat, Allons-Y! has sired some of the most beautiful Wheaten Terrier puppies.



Legacy Kohole Summerwind | AKC Grand Champion

AKC Show Dogs in CaliforinaOur girl, Legacy Kohole Summerwind (who we call Frankie) is another AKC Grand Champion we are so proud to have here at Davis Wheatens.

We love our Wheaten Terriers like family, and are so proud that our who AKC Grand Champions have been able to achieve such great success in various show rings over the years. Not only does it reaffirm everything that we do here to breed beautiful Wheaten Terrier puppies, but it helps to show the world how truly special this breed is overall.




We are competing in the National Specialty for Wheatens in Montgomery Pa. She is showing in shows now!






To learn more about either of these AKC Wheaten Terrier Champion show dogs or to inquire about Wheaten Terrier stud services from PitterPat Allons-Y!, call us at 209-365-1190 for more information, or fill out the quick contact form at the bottom of our website.