Puppies for Sale


Our Rosie and Allonsy-Y!  (dad dog) will have puppies within the next 3-4 weeks or around the end of September. I keep the puppies for about 8 weeks to potty train them; microchip; dock tails; worm them and give them their first two vaccinations.  Allonsy-Y! is an AKC Grand Champion and both are beautiful examples of the breed.

The price of our Show puppies will be between $2500-$3000.  Standard Price for Pet Wheaten are $1900. We do ship our puppies and the buyers pay the shipping fees (approximately $300)  These puppies will be show able, but we do not require that you will show your dog.  Neutering and Spaying is the decision of the new family. This is a  picture of Rosie and her last litter.