Shipping & Stud Info

We are located in central California in Lodi, approximately 40 miles south of Sacramento. Delivery options are available for a fee. Shipping is available as well. If the buyer lives within driving distance, we will meet you half way to deliver your Wheaten puppy.

Our Wheaten puppies make it fine with shipping. I ship the puppy in a FAA approved carrier. The airline puts the travel carriers in a designated spot in the cargo and the area is climate controlled. Some airlines will not ship during extremely hot weather. The airlines usually charge between $250 to $350, plus tax for shipping. To ship a puppy, the airline requires a travel certificate signed by our vet to be sent with the puppy. The cost of this is approximate $40.00, to be paid by the buyer. The buyer would also have to pay for the cost of the FAA approved carrier. The carriers are approximate $80. If the buyer prefers to fly personally to Sacramento / Oakland / San Francisco / San Jose to pick up the puppy, we will meet you at the airport. If you take the puppy in the FAA approved carrier on the plane with you, you can keep the puppy with you in the cabin of the plane (check with your airline). You cannot take it out of the carrier, of course, but the carriers have zippers on 3 sides so the puppy can see you and you can see him/her during travel. Of course, this is only possible with puppies or small dogs as the carrier has to be of certain dimensions and must be able to fit under the seat in front of you. When I checked, the cost of taking the carrier on the plane and keeping it in the cabin was $125, plus tax.

Stud Service

Pitterpat Allons-Y! (our male) is available for stud service. The price for that varies and you should contact me to find out the requirements