Davis Wheatens have cute Wheaten puppies for sale.

The following are excerpts and pictures we have received from some of our Wheaten puppy buyers. It is typical of the responses we’ve received from all of our buyers. We keep in touch with emails and pictures telling us how their puppy is doing, about its life within their new family.

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Wonderful New Family Member

Hi Karen,

We have named him Murphy and he was seen by his Vet today. I have attached the report and picture from today. He is settling in nicely and is enjoying our children. Thank you and George for our wonderful new family member.

He is a Sweetie

Joey just got his second haircut, he is a sweetie!!

Thanks for such a Great Puppy

Hi Karen,

Merry Christmas! Attached are a few pictures of Kenzie. She has been the perfect dog for our family. Our other wheaton, Winston just loves her. They can play for hours at a time. We just finished puppy training class and Kenzie is so smart,she learned everything quickly and loved playing with the other pups.

We all hope your holiday season is wonderful and thanks for such a great puppy.